Hi, my name is Pierre.

Hi there, my name is Pierre. I am a researcher and designer, creative, forward thinking individual, who is passionate about what makes people tick and building desirable user experiences.


My expertise is in human-centered design, creating real empathy to make sure we work on the right problem to better solve it. I insist on focusing on behaviours, thinkings and feelings instead of demographics, assumptions, shortcuts and stereotypes.


Concepts are good, but solutions are better! 😉


Innovation Consultant (Change Management Team)

I lead engagements with IBM’s Strategic Partners who wish to build innovative solutions, grow the business and extend their reach globally. I build new digital platforms and global programs that accelerate growth by leading end-to-end business strategy and go-to-market execution.

I employ Design Thinking methodologies to solve for critical pain points throughout the customer/partner experience and unmet needs in market. With this holistic approach to business problem solving, I create digital-first strategies that scale and drive Customer Success.

1) Grow IBM’s developer ecosystem and create joint-solutions with partners that solve unmet needs in market. Lead end-to-end partnership growth and digital strategy.

2) Lead cross-functional squads consisting of design, marketing, product management, engineering and sales.

3) Work across business units such as Cloud, AI, Data and Blockchain to create digital strategies that drive developer advocacy and execute go-to-market plans.

4) Build and manage new global ISV partner platform and startup program. Lead end-to-end partner experience including clear growth paths for partners working across business units.

I lead multiple design of end-to-end customer experience applying the Design Thinking methodology from start to finish. Based on competitor research and user interviews, my teams create the quote purchase experience solving the specific painpoints of the client, customers and users.

I work closely with project managers and engineers to gather business requirements and understand technical feasibility. I facilitate Design Thinking exercises with all functions of the business to further identify opportunity areas and create user and business value.

Redesign of the 24/7 Assistance service for customers who encounter technical or commercial problems with their internet broadband services for a telecommunications client. (2018)

Creation of a Project selection process and redesign of a Moroccan bank app in Casablanca, Morocco. (2018)

Redesign of the digital path for the star product of a telecommunications company. (2017)



I worked closely with teams to describe and understand the users through interviews, observations, study analysis, personas, empathy maps, CJM, Blueprints, Opportunity areas, problem identification and formulation… amongst others.

Co-design and blueprint the integration of new regulatory policies for child protection across web, mobile, PoS and face-to-face interactions.

Creation of a different form of personas telling stories instead of descriptions, focusing on insights that really matters and don’t mislead the problem solvers.

Past work

TipShaker is a mobile app aimed at sharing quality adresses from bloggers, through interactive metro maps.

TipShaker app screenshots.

We set-up the business, led the research to understand commuters perception of the city’s space, relationship to the public transports, to the addresses recommandations coming from others… We made partnerships with influent bloggers followed by overs 80K people all together and developed it with a small team between Paris and London.

Meeting with Florent Youzan, Open innovation expert.

Digital sketch of Pluggy.

Medusa Electronica.

Creativity, generation of ideas, participation and management of innovative projects such as Medusa Electronica (set up of 5m tall interactive jellyfishes on a car park) and Urban Behives (development of a Serious Game concept based on the bees biomimetic and dedicated to emergency services through both augmented reality and virtual reality).  These projects rest upon design, sociology and anthropology courses.

I went to Port-au-Prince, Haiti with France Volontaires in 2011 to assist teachers in developing tailored lessons, teach children on social issues, biodiversity and French. Regarding their lack of confidence, I focused on allowing them to speak loudly and without fear.