Hi, my name is Pierre.

Hi there, I am Pierre

I am a designer, researcher and strategist.

I am a creative, forward thinking individual searching for the best ways: 

  • to develop empathy, but aknowledging that understanding someone I am not, needs a bit more than just a basic interview
  • to gather insights about what makes people tick, without trying to make them say what I want to hear
  • to design solutions that meet their needs, not mine, but always with ethics in mind
  • to change behaviours to make a solution work, but only if the solution worth it
  • to imagine alternative futures, but not only European centric

In my current role at LEGO, I lead the research for a project within the innovation department. Our goal is to create new playful experiences and toys that will thrive kids’ creativity, imagination and self-development. My work involves play testing with children, utilising qualitative and quantitative insights, and document our learnings to move forward.

In my former role at IBM, I use to lead engagements with IBM’s clients who wish to build innovative solutions, grow their business and extend their relevance to customers. My work involved utilising strategic thinking and qualitative and quantitative insights to build desirable user experiences and sustainable business solutions.

Projects snapshots

LEAD RESEARCHER, LEGO (UK, 2020) Amplifying inclusivity in the innovation process

AIM To raise awareness on inclusivity early in the design and innovation process.

Conducting secondary research to identify different forms of discrimination, from the obvious to the more tabou. Conducting exploratory interviews with children to understand and reframe how designers’ decisions challenge biases and fight discrimination.  

An insights report, as well as a series of facilitated dialogues with the design and management teams to erase any aspect that could exclude any child in any way.

Imagining alternative futures

To explore multiple future realities for society and the implication for such on children’s toys.

APPROACH Exploring trends and signals regarding what near and distant futures look like, factoring in diversity of societal futures based on geography and cultures, as well as drawing inspiration from fictional utopias and dystopias. Developing imagery and scenarios based on the research to push the limits of what can be imagined.

RESULT A future scenarios report and presentation to the designers and other researchers. The outcome is new inspiration for designers to develop children’s toys that are in tune with more diverse future realities.

RESEARCHER, Confidential (Global, 2019)

Visualising data through telemetrics

AIM To visualise quantitative data in a way that supports qualitative analysis.


Conducting secondary research to draw inspiration from various telemetric projects. Designing the concept and user experience flow of a telemetric tool and dashboard.



RESULT A concept pitch and wireframe for the telemetric tool. The outcome supports designers, researchers and management to deconstruct user behaviours from the macro to the micro level. The rest is confidential.

Visualising data through telemetrics

AIM To create a design framework for the bank’s digital lab in Casablanca, and as a first project, redesign the bank’s app for customers.

Interviewing employees and co-creating the digital lab framework through several workshops with them. Leading on project selection criteria, conducting user research, defining user requirements, designing wireframes, prioritising backlog of functionalities, and visual app design.

A proven design methodology framework for future projects going through the digital lab, and a more user friendly bank app for customers.


Redesign of the 24 hour customer assistance programme

I worked closely with teams to redesign the assistance programme to standardise answers across online, phone and face to face interactions regarding the nature of the issue (meteorological, technical, human…). This enhanced customer autonomy and moved more troubleshooting online.


Strategy and redesign of a Moroccan bank app

I co-created the design methodology and frameworks for the new Digital Lab in Casablanca, Morocco. I led the re-design of the bank’s mobile app, from the project selection, interviews, observations, workshops, to the realisation of the backlog and graphic design.



Blueprint and design of new regulatory policies in the purchasing process of telecomunnications products.

I co-designed and blueprinted the integration of new European regulatory policies for child protection across web, mobile, PoS and face-to-face interactions.



Lead the development of foodie mobile app in partnership with renowned bloggers

I led the research to understand commuters relationship to to the public transports and foodie blogger recommendations. I developed partnerships with influent bloggers followed by over 80K people and developed it with a small team between Paris and London.

Lead the development of a data sharing device

I developed tis concept at a Start-up Weekend in Saint-Etienne, France, with a team of designers from the Cité du Design of the same city. I led the project to prototype it with a team of developers in a Third Place. This project was part of my studies in Innovation, Design, Entrepreneurship & Arts (IDEA Programme) at Lyon Business School, France. A video presentation of it can be viewed here and a blog article can be found here.



Learn Design Thinking basics and apply it through several projects.

Creativity, generation of ideas, participation and management of innovative projects such as Medusa Electronica (set up of 5m tall interactive jellyfishes on a car park) and Urban Beehives (development of a Serious Game concept based on the bees biomimetic and dedicated to emergency services through both augmented reality and augmented virtuality). These projects rest upon design, sociology and anthropology courses.

Assist teachers in developing tailored lessons.

I taughed classes on social issues, biodiversity and French language, planned and facilitated self-confidence and team building sessions for students and raised community awareness on environmental sustainability issues. This was part of an 8 months French Civic Service to help after the 2010 earthquake.